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August 9, 2009

thunderhead top of

The storm is not over as we get ready for another light show.  This thunderhead was so large I had to shoot the top and then in a seperate photo the bottom of it as it rose over an uncut wheat field.

thunderhead bottom over wheat

Now with over two inches of rain harvest is way behind and the wheat is beginning to sprout, this is not a good start to harvesting a crop that held a lot of promice.

Seeing RED…

August 6, 2009

You know the old adage… Red in the Morning….

 sunset #1 8 5 09

This photo was snapped at sunset with spectacular thunder and lighting storms coming in on it’s heels.  North Central Idaho often has fiery colored sunsets in August due to smoke from forest fires and field burning and this one is a great example. 

 This Red at Night was not a delight… Thunder boomed all night as the sky lit up every few seconds.  The ridge tops were drilled with electrifying lightening.  Some parts of the prairie were doomed to the loss of electricity as power poles exploded and burned.  We were among the lucky with just a few intermitted failures that made the electronics screech in protest. 

 Heavy rains have effectively shut harvest down and put the donkey boys into their pasture shelter as we all wait for the sunshine to return. 

 In the rain 8 7 09

Rain is always needed in dry land farming…just NOT at harvest time.