2012 The year of four driving mammoth donkeys!

It may be driving season but in shorts and a short sleeve top it is mighty cool in the mornings, especially after another night’s low dipping into the 30’s.  The skies were filled with high wispy clouds and the light sporadic breezes remained icy.  It feels like another storm front is moving in, probably with more rain. 

One week from today is Merlin and Hank’s first parade.  So next week I’ll reintroduce the hames bells and they’ll have their first hitch to the Buckboard.

Not so lucky this morning, we drove and drove before finally spotting the cows.  Up jumped a big black calf standing in the barrow pit on the wrong side of the fence.  “Scuse us Blackie but we are going back the direction we just came from.”  Hank flipped a U-ie with Merlin supporting him and our entire driving plan changed in a heartbeat. 

We had a slow…

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