Season of Reflection


Okay gang, this is it… the last update for the year and it comes to you filled with our holiday YouTube favorites.

Our biggest holiday news is that a whole new look is in progress for the website and I’ll just have let you know when it has launched as of right now it is cloaked in secretsey!  

This blog has been moved and is now set up for the New Year at

 … seems we have used up all our photo space here, which was my goal!  The new updates will be posted at that site from now on, so add that to your radar.

Now for my favorite Donkey holiday videos…. each of these YouTube programs takes about 30 minutes to view and are set up in ten minute segments in three parts.  Be sure to enjoy them all the way through.

The first one is narrated and sung by Roger Miller and is a Gene Autry production.

You’ll find Nester the Long Eared Donkey at

The second one is a Walt Disney production called The Small One and can be found at

 Ahhhhh…and my all time favorite Christmas tune!

This has absolutely been one of the best years Teamdonk has enjoyed and I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  I wish each and every one a terrific 2010! 

Jim and Kristi,
The “Stars” of Teamdonk…
RMS Lippyluver Luc,
OK Sir Galahad,
Handsome Hank Bishop
and RMS Magical Merlin

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