Year End Report

Wow time does fly!  I need to thank my patient readers who keep writing and calling to see if all is Okay at Team Donk.  Yes, I am happy to report all is fine and we are in the process of surviving the holiday season and staying warm.  With the wind child factor we have seen -4 degrees in the last few hours.  With today’s 24 mph winds it is bone chilling cold!  The donkey boys are eating, drinking, playing and sunbathing to stay warm.  Very seldom do we see them inside the pasture shelter.  They’re busy keeping track of what is going on in their world like their new horse neighbors they enjoy watching.  I see the horses being ridden on a regular basis which excites them to no end.  We have Black Angus cattle across the road and a new baby calf.  The donkeys are in hot pursuit of any coyote that gets near “their baby”.  Blowing, snorting, feet stomping are warning the predators to stay back!  I heard a wolf howl the other night and saw one on my way to work.  The tall slim predator stopped to watch me and was close enough for me to see his intense bright yellow eyes.  I much say they are a deadly beautiful creature. 


The four boys are getting along great!  The two older ones Luc and Hank are best buds.  Merlin and Galahad are like teenage boys who pick on each other all the time and a play session can begin at any moment for no apparent reason.  All four are haired up and Galahad looks like he should be named Pigpen Donkey as he loves his mud baths.  Hank is Jim’s lover boy and Merlin likes to hang out with me.  Luc is their leader and Galahad is the rat pack’s brat child!  All is well at Team Donk.


The website is in the update process and will have an exciting new look and feel.  The webmasters are keeping it under wraps so we are all in limbo at the moment.


Merry Christmas to all the Team Donk fans and thanks for a wonderful 2009!  I’m excited to take you with us down the 2010 Team Donk trails.   Hopefully it will include some new territory we can all explore together.  Until next year I wish you a life full of health, love and plenty of donkey hugs! 


Jim and yours truly, Kristi

RMS Lippyluver Luc and OK Sir Galahad’s

2009 Yearly Totals….

255.5 miles in 111.5 hours

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