Riding Hank

Fortunately the mower on the tractor broke giving Jim a chance to ride his new donkey.  Sure worked for me!  Hank was not a willing participant to begin with but wise ole’ Jim went into the house and came out with a great smelling apple…all of a sudden we had Hank’s undivided attention and he was a donk on a mission.  We went for a walk and when the apple was all gone I climbed on and Jim lead Hand out into the field and eventually back to the house.  Saddled up Luc and off we rode back to the field.

Hank's first ride 10 18 09

Hank was just great for a while but then he decided he was done.  We had left the halter on and had taken the lead rope for just this purpose.  Luc ended up ponying Hank until we could get his feet unstuck.  We rode to a pasture with running and whinnying horses.  Luc was excited that they were so happy to see him. 

 Hank's first ride #2 10 18 09

We had a great ride home with Hank in the lead and really moving out.  We rode the wheat field into the hay field and then back into the wheat field and finally home.  It was a great first ride on Hank and the first time Jim and I had been able to go donkey riding together in a very long time!

 Hank's first ride #3 10 18 09


2 Responses to “Riding Hank”

  1. Oris Says:

    Great pictures. Fine animal.

  2. Kristi Says:

    Thanks, Oris! He is a keeper for sure. Jim, as you can tell, is really going to enjoy him!

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