Hank’s Arrival Photos

It was a NO drama first meeting.  Galahad and Luc were more excited than Hank was for a first greeting.  Hank was more intent on trying out the local cuisine.  Eventually he did make his way down for a quick, “hi guys” before going back to eat.  Maybe it was just to quiet down Galahad who kept braying at him!  Here is their first over the pipe and cable fence meeting.

Hank meets Teamdonk 10 11 09

It was a very friendly first meeting.  So friendly in fact that after an hour and a half and everyone seemed fine with each other that Jim went down and give the teamdonk boys a good talkin’ to about being nice to his new donkey boy…..

Jim talkin to the boys before meeting Hank

Galahad was a little more interested in greeting Hank than Luc….

Galahad meets Hank 10 11 09

Finally it was Luc in the lead taking Hank out to show him all their favorite spots.

Luc shows Hank all the good spots

That was the end of that, it was a peaceful introduction and all is well at the new Teamdonk!


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