Playing with Handsome Hank Bishop

It was a beautiful cold October weekend.  The colors this time of the year are super spectacular, what a great time to be out and about.  Saturday we made our way to Sagle, Idaho with time for a fun shopping spree at Cabela’s Sporting Goods.  It was also the opening of the general hunting season so we figured it would be a great time to make this stop and it was!

We arrived in Sagle mid afternoon and it was don on the winter duds, grab the treats and head to out and play with Hank.  Lots of photos were taken, you know looking for that perfect registration picture.  Now that is a whole ‘nutter story.

Hank also received his first official measurement with a stick equipped with a level.  He is a true 58 inches, which we think is just perfect.  He stands square both front and rear, but a halter boy he will never be.  Hank comes to us with an unknown breeding background.  He was ridden at Bill Garrett’s place as a two year old and Hank’s back shows his early riding experience.

Hank was also loaded in and out of the trailer a couple of times paving the way for his journey to Kingma’s Farm.  He proved just how smart he is after his first loading session where he tried to tell us he wasn’t going to get in.  After that it was a piece of cake to load the big boy.


Susan also showed us his clicker smarts.  This boy can target with the best of them!  She has even ground driven him.  How nice to receive a donkey who already knows some of the basics and rides to boot! 

Todays photos are compliments of Susan’s camera!


Hank and those who loved him in Northern Idaho.


One of many bonding moments, Hank and Jim.


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