Gettin’ Ready for Hank

Why are you moving our water tank out here? Galahad wanted to know.  I’ve never seen it set up in this pasture before.  On a good day it takes about 20 minutes to fill their water tank.

Jim knew he had time to go to the machine shed and back while the tank was filling.  The boys were standing guard watching and drinking the fresh water as he walked away. 

It was about 15 minutes later when he came back to shut the water off and he could see the boys were still at the tank.  Only something was not one hundred percent right.  As he came around the corner of the house he could see Luc’s head bobbing up and down with the running water hose hanging out of his mouth.  Galahad was standing back far enough he was no longer getting wet but his face had not escaped Luc’s original antics.  Don’t know who got the wettest… the bather or the bathee.  Oh whell Luc said…. It was sure fun while it lasted!

Luc in all his fall splendor…

Luc Aug 2009


2 Responses to “Gettin’ Ready for Hank”

  1. mm_cori Says:

    LOVE this picture! It’s beautiful!

    • teamdonk Says:

      Thanks Cori, it’s now one of my new favorites of Luc. I was sitting in the pasture on the ground in the shade with the camera, of course, and Luc was just posing away for me. He’s always been a ham for the camera! Thanks again, Kristi

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