Handsome Hank Bishop

Please can I have him…pleasssssseeeeee……. He’s tall 57 to 58 inches, I would guess.  He’s a dark grey roan and ever so darn handsome!  He’s drafty, he’s old enough to ride and he’s been used for riding and did I mention handsome???   

OK let’s see…. other valid points to be mentioned here…. he would give you something to train to drive next spring and he’d give you a three abreast with Luc and Galahad…. and pleasssseeeeeee can we try to buy him….. I really really LUV him… he’s got a kind eye and he’d make a great team mate for the other one you bought last spring that is coming to the farm this month…. PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEE…….   

This was Jim all the way home from the Sandpoint Draft Show… it was a six hour drive and it only took about the first hour to wear me down, but I decided it would be fun to let him beg for a few hours.  You see secretly I was seeing Hank and Merlin, the three year old we purchased last spring from RMS donkeys, as my wheelers teamed with Luc and Galahad as my leaders in a donkey driving four up.  Did I mention he is really really handsome?  He would become our fabled King Arthur in the Kingma Camelot Carousel.

 Later I made the phone call and placed an offer on a donkey that really was not for sale.  After thinking it over his very gracious owner also thought that Hank would be purrrfect for us and agreed to let him join the Teamdonk boys.  Here’s a photo of the donkey that Tennessee Mule Artist, Bonnie Shields, dubbed as…. Handsome Hank Bishop.  He was purchased three years ago at 2006 Bishop Mule Days from Mr. Bill Garrett.  See he’s famous all ready! 

His original name at the time of that sale was….Popeye and he was 4 ½ years old.  Bill listed him as 55 ½ inches tall, he has put on several inches since then.   If anyone has any information on this animal I would appreciate hearing from you.  I will be registering him and as of right now he has an unknown background.

Here’s HHB known as Hank….

Handsome Hank Bishop


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