First Feeding

This was big, yes a really big deal to the donkey boys.  Luc is in celebration mode.  After being deprived for many months it’s finally Round Bale Day! Both boys had been napping in the pasture shelter and didn’t realize the tractor was for them until it was safely in the pasture with the gate closed.

Luc was the first one out and headed to the bale with sheer determination.

Luc 9 24 09

This is his “I’m getting there first” look.

Galahad finally made an appearance out of the pasture shelter, where he had been sound asleep, and was wondering what all the excitement was about.

disturbed nap time 9 24 09

Oh Boy, it’s round bale day… forget the nap, this is big important stuff!

Galahad 9 24 09

Off he goes to celebrate with Lucers….

First Hay 9 24 09

Just doesn’t get better than this! Ahhhhhhh Round Bale Heaven!



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