Played Hooky went Drivin’!

Played hooky from work today and went driving this morning.  It felt hot and dry before I even started at 8:30.  Drove 2 hrs and 15 minutes a little over 6 ¼ miles out thru the fields again.  This time we got caught!  The farmer whose raises crops in the field we were using was putting seed in the  ground next to where we were playing.  The boys each left some fertilizer as a thank you for him.

Then we got the phone call…. Can you come to the machine shed, pick me up and drive me out to the field to get my pickup?  So we booked it back to the farm trotting out at 8.4 miles per hour to get Jim delivered to his vehicle out in the back hay field.  Luc was not a happy little camper when he had to turn around and head back to the field and away from home but Galahad was game.  Super great drive ending with a purpose.

The boys were fed their first round bale of the season, Luc sez oh boy hay and lots of it!


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