All the way from Illinois

The rains and winds held off long enough to let us has a perfect morning dive.  From Illinois Jim’s sister Joann joined us on another perfect outing.  One of my secret motives for taking someone with me is the quality one on one time I get to spend with my passenger.  It’s a setting like no other and oh the things I learned about my husband as a little boy today…… just don’t tell anyone of my secret motives…okay!

Now let’s get to some photos I picked out for you to enjoy…

Jo goes driving 9 19 09

There was more field driving today,  for some strange reason the boys just can’t stay out of the fields!

In front of the cat Jo n K 9 18 09

So much farm equipment to maneuver around …. They even had to practice stopping and standing in front of the cat as it was idling out in the field.  Took nerves of steel to pull that one off!

down the steep 9 19 09

Exiting the field and our wonderful time together…. thanks Joann for going on a Teamdonk drive….next?


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