Driving After Harvest!

This has been one of the longest harvests on record which forced us into losing five great weeks of prairie driving.  The two parades were a great fill in, but they just don’t match those long peaceful drives.  I probably could have driven sooner but decided to save the time it takes to clean up the buggy and harness, especially the harness, for the last parade.  With the parades behind us it’s now back to driving with a whole new dimension…. harvested wheat fields to play in.  We tried it out today.

 The boys have definitely softened up during their lay off and I’m back to more stopping for them to catch their breath.  We went thru Day Canyon and towards Stites Road but before we could get to the crossroads we had to do a turn around.  The field we were driving past was being harrowed and the equipment operator was using our side near the corner as his turn around.  The dust must have been nearly a mile high and so thick we couldn’t find the tractor in it at times so rather than get caught in that we turned into the wheat field he was harrowing, making a nice big loop and back to the road headed away from the dust.  Some of the fields have been burned to the roads forcing Luc to walk in the blackened grass remnants and all of us smelling the burnt aroma.

On the way home we drove in and out of several fields but I promised the boys a real treat.  At the final turn for home I directed them into a field that borders the ridge where the deer and elk always jump the fence and disappear into.  The boys were definitely looking for the wild ones and wanting to keep going even when we had run out of the field roadway the grain trucks used.  So we kept moving until we came to the fence line where the boys discovered that they could look down on their home turf.  They really wanted to spend time viewing their property.  It was definitely a treat for me and them.  Luc wanted to sneak peaks into the neighbor’s back yard, but I informed him that wasn’t nice.

It was a hot 85* when we arrive home and I was definitely cooked.  My friend Susan and I will need to get an early start tomorrow as it is going to be another warm fall day.

Odometer reading  7 ¼ miles, Max spd 8.5, Driving time 2hrs 35 minutes  It was one of those “feel good drives”!


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