The Labor Day Project Part One

One of those things that have been discussed to death is removing several 20 foot custom built panels from an old fence line and using those panels and some extra gates to redo our donkey pen in the front pasture near the house.   

Since we had an extra day at home to play we decided this was a good time to execute the plan.  First thing to do was to take down what has been known as “feed jail”. 

It was a small pen used to separate team donk at beet pulp time, or if I want to do some work with one of the boys at liberty.  It has also served as a double pasture gate when I only wanted to take one out at a time and that was its original purpose.  As soon as Jim disassembled the pen the boys were there to investigate every square inch. 

no more feed jail 9 06 09

With the first 20 foot panel in place I could see Jim had a team of supervisors…. Every high powered job has to have supervisors, right? 

The Supervisors 9 06 09

A brief shower of rain and lunch time interrupted the project and gave Luc a chance to see if he could dismantle the tractor. 

tractor investigation 9 06 09

 Luc was working hard enough on it that he and Galahad found themselves locked out of the project.  Stay tuned as there is more to come your way on our little project!


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