Kamiah, a great place to live, work and play!

So nice to have the boys parade clean first thing in the morning.  Galahad had a few spots that Cowboy Magic, Green Spot Remover, Shower In A  Bottle took care of.  Even Luc got a couple of shots on his white face to spruce it up. 

neck rope

While enjoying breakfast they had a light shower of World Champion Pepi, Coat Conditioner.  After they had chowed down I sliped Galahad into his traveling blanket with the no rub patches stitched in making us all ready to load and go.  We were on the road by 7:30 giving us plenty of time.

We arrived in Kamiah, Idaho at 8:15 and immediately started to wipe off the coat conditioner with a rag to get any dust off then brush and harness.  Once the boys were ready it was my turn to change into parade duds, add the bells and floral bouquets, the lines and hitch.  This gave the boys and me a chance to go for a drive while Jim changed for the parade. It has been a couple of weeks since our last parade and the boys were rearing to go so it was nice to take the edge off them. 


We picked up Jim and headed to the parade route which meant crossing a narrow bridge that resulted into a pushing contest.  Galahad said there are some dark spots on my side and Luc said the edge of the bridge and water is on my side so leaning into each other they pushed and shoved until they made it across the bridge. 


We arrived just in time for the judges to get a good look at us and then it was an hour and a half very long wait for the parade to start under almost cool conditions with a few sprinkles of rain.  Hay bales showed up for people to sit on just ahead of us and Galahad decided he was hungry, no big boy that is not yours!  Baby strollers were coming up from behind them and motorcycles were coming to them.  Lots of activity all around making it hard for them to stand still.  Galahad discovered if he stepped up on the sidewalk he could be taller than Luc so he kept sneaking up to gain a height advantage.

 Finally it was parade time and the boys could move ever so slowly.  Just before we arrived at the main crowds a young man came over with a beautiful burgundy ribbon that matched our wagon and wanted to know where he could hang it.  That was neat as I had never received a ribbon at this parade before. 

 Kamiah parade

We really had a great parade.  The streets are wide enough to do 360 turns with the team and the announcer was wonderful.  There was a lot of interacting with the crowds and the boys were full of show off.

 sm parade photo

We were one of five, two were mule teams and two were horse teams.  The Belgian horses pulled a beautiful authentic stagecoach and are a great sight. 

Lewiston Roundup Stagecoach

There were about 90 entries and this has to be one of my local favorite parades.

Coming back over the bridge, after the parade, we were trotting behind one of the mule teams and the guys didn’t even have time to think about pushing or shoving. 

Galahad took his time loading but that was okay he always loads slower coming home and I wanted to give him plenty of opportunity to load with little pressure. 

We want to thank  Shirley for sending photos in time to get on the blog, thanks Shirley!  Of course thanks to the parade committee for the beautiful ribbon from the 73rd Annual Free Kamiah Barbecue Days Labor Day Parade,  under the theme;  A Great Place to Live, Work and Play.

Oh and Happy Birthday to OK Sir Galahad who turned five years old today! 



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