the night before…….

Friday night after work it was bath time for the boys.  Yes, I’m back to work after a six month lay off and it is sure going to cut into “donkey time”.  

 Boy oh boy did the dirty water roll off them.  I used a combination of EZ All with a good foaming shampoo mixed in and it took a lot of product to cut through all the dirt baths the boys had been giving themselves.  Once they were clean I had to figure out what to do with them… didn’t want to turn them lose as I knew Luc would roll until he had undone all my cleaning efforts.  

I tried blanketing them and could see that wasn’t the solution so it was up to the stall barn to see what kind of shape the stalls were in.  That was the answer but the question was, “Do I clean two stalls or put each in their own individual stall?”  Two stalls seemed like a safer idea.  There was a little bit of mucking out to do then a fresh layer of straw needed spread out.  Galahad’s stall received two bales of clean straw but Luc’s only needed one bale.  These stalls are 20 foot long and 14 foot wide so they are nice and roomy.  Clean water buckets and lots of hay was all they needed for the night.  Once we bedded them down it was treats and lights out.  This was Galahad’s first time in the barn and of course neither donkey thought they should be there.  

Big day tomorrow boys, see you in the morning for breakfast.


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