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First Feeding

September 25, 2009

This was big, yes a really big deal to the donkey boys.  Luc is in celebration mode.  After being deprived for many months it’s finally Round Bale Day! Both boys had been napping in the pasture shelter and didn’t realize the tractor was for them until it was safely in the pasture with the gate closed.

Luc was the first one out and headed to the bale with sheer determination.

Luc 9 24 09

This is his “I’m getting there first” look.

Galahad finally made an appearance out of the pasture shelter, where he had been sound asleep, and was wondering what all the excitement was about.

disturbed nap time 9 24 09

Oh Boy, it’s round bale day… forget the nap, this is big important stuff!

Galahad 9 24 09

Off he goes to celebrate with Lucers….

First Hay 9 24 09

Just doesn’t get better than this! Ahhhhhhh Round Bale Heaven!


Played Hooky went Drivin’!

September 24, 2009

Played hooky from work today and went driving this morning.  It felt hot and dry before I even started at 8:30.  Drove 2 hrs and 15 minutes a little over 6 ¼ miles out thru the fields again.  This time we got caught!  The farmer whose raises crops in the field we were using was putting seed in the  ground next to where we were playing.  The boys each left some fertilizer as a thank you for him.

Then we got the phone call…. Can you come to the machine shed, pick me up and drive me out to the field to get my pickup?  So we booked it back to the farm trotting out at 8.4 miles per hour to get Jim delivered to his vehicle out in the back hay field.  Luc was not a happy little camper when he had to turn around and head back to the field and away from home but Galahad was game.  Super great drive ending with a purpose.

The boys were fed their first round bale of the season, Luc sez oh boy hay and lots of it!

More Photos

September 20, 2009

coming round the cat & fertilizer 9 19 09Here’s a few more photos I hope you’ll enjoy from our fabulous drive on Saturday.   Jim is getting ready to fertilize the fields and of course the donkeys needed to go all the way around, just to check it out.

coming out of the field 9 19 09

One more of us exiting the field, looks like we could hook up to the piece of machinery behind us and go to work.  It is rather steep right here so the boys are being extra cautious.

Jo in driveway

Our final photo in the driveway.  Checking the GPS I see that the boys have now driven 250 miles this summer.  Sept. 24th is our next outing so be sure to check back.

All the way from Illinois

September 19, 2009

The rains and winds held off long enough to let us has a perfect morning dive.  From Illinois Jim’s sister Joann joined us on another perfect outing.  One of my secret motives for taking someone with me is the quality one on one time I get to spend with my passenger.  It’s a setting like no other and oh the things I learned about my husband as a little boy today…… just don’t tell anyone of my secret motives…okay!

Now let’s get to some photos I picked out for you to enjoy…

Jo goes driving 9 19 09

There was more field driving today,  for some strange reason the boys just can’t stay out of the fields!

In front of the cat Jo n K 9 18 09

So much farm equipment to maneuver around …. They even had to practice stopping and standing in front of the cat as it was idling out in the field.  Took nerves of steel to pull that one off!

down the steep 9 19 09

Exiting the field and our wonderful time together…. thanks Joann for going on a Teamdonk drive….next?

Intense Field Driving

September 18, 2009

Exited work two hours early and had time for a great drive!  It was a warm 80 degrees when we left home but dropped to a comfortable 73 for our return trip.  I could have gone on and on but this drive was as especially hard on Galahad.  It’s the first time I have seen him sweated up and truly exhausted when we arrived home.  I even let the boys take a short cut thru our wheat field instead of going all the way around it as I had planned for the return trip.  Luc told me that Galahad was too tired to go all the way and the house was just over that next hill.  Donkey Logic!

 Now let me tell you about our drive.  We left the farm going through our wheat field and into the hay field, then up a steep bank to the road.  Then we drove thru Day Canyon and into a wheat field entrance long before we arrived at the crossroads.  We traveled that field until it connected with a larger one.  Jim sez there are three different outfits who farm this area, I believe it as I could see the assorted combine tracks in the ground, the boys like to walk in the ones that have dual tires.  As we entered the larger field we turned back towards Day Canyon then drove and drove until I could see the tall Popular Trees in the bottom of Day Canyon that Susan and I had driven past when we drove the south side of the canyon.  I could see where Cottonwood Canyon starts its trek to the north out of Day Canyon which runs east and west… this was very interesting.  I could look back and see the gravel road we travel in and out of Day Canyon from this vantage point and several familiar vistas only I was looking at them from a completely new angle.  We spent well over an hour going up and down hills avoiding those too steep to farm and around rocky scab patches.  Some of the wheat stubble left by the combines was chest high on the boys this was the tallest stubble and steepest hills we had ever driven in.  How these two canyons connect was really intriguing to me as was the layout of this entire piece of property.

 On our return trip we entered our hay patch and exited the wheat field down some steeper banks, we’re getting pretty confident about where we can go these days.  

Driving with Susan

September 13, 2009

September 13th It was 85 degrees by the time we had traveled 8.5 miles of gravel roads and wheat fields.  We went places today we have never been before and may never get to again.  The farmers are sure going to be wondering “Who has been in my field?”  Gosh we had a fabulous time visiting and enjoying the surroundings.  We saw one deer and just had a terrific girl’s day with the donkey boys.  Jim joined in and got some fun photos.

Susan's play day #2 9 13 09

We’ll be coming round the mountain when we come…..

Susan's Teamdonk Day 9 13 09

Oh yeah this is us “Out Standing In Our Field”!

Susan's play day 9 13 09

This is my personal favorite!

GPS Readings: 8.5 miles, Maximum trotting speed today was 9 mph; we were out driving for three hours.  Grand total 243.25 miles, 106.75 Hours to date

Driving After Harvest!

September 12, 2009

This has been one of the longest harvests on record which forced us into losing five great weeks of prairie driving.  The two parades were a great fill in, but they just don’t match those long peaceful drives.  I probably could have driven sooner but decided to save the time it takes to clean up the buggy and harness, especially the harness, for the last parade.  With the parades behind us it’s now back to driving with a whole new dimension…. harvested wheat fields to play in.  We tried it out today.

 The boys have definitely softened up during their lay off and I’m back to more stopping for them to catch their breath.  We went thru Day Canyon and towards Stites Road but before we could get to the crossroads we had to do a turn around.  The field we were driving past was being harrowed and the equipment operator was using our side near the corner as his turn around.  The dust must have been nearly a mile high and so thick we couldn’t find the tractor in it at times so rather than get caught in that we turned into the wheat field he was harrowing, making a nice big loop and back to the road headed away from the dust.  Some of the fields have been burned to the roads forcing Luc to walk in the blackened grass remnants and all of us smelling the burnt aroma.

On the way home we drove in and out of several fields but I promised the boys a real treat.  At the final turn for home I directed them into a field that borders the ridge where the deer and elk always jump the fence and disappear into.  The boys were definitely looking for the wild ones and wanting to keep going even when we had run out of the field roadway the grain trucks used.  So we kept moving until we came to the fence line where the boys discovered that they could look down on their home turf.  They really wanted to spend time viewing their property.  It was definitely a treat for me and them.  Luc wanted to sneak peaks into the neighbor’s back yard, but I informed him that wasn’t nice.

It was a hot 85* when we arrive home and I was definitely cooked.  My friend Susan and I will need to get an early start tomorrow as it is going to be another warm fall day.

Odometer reading  7 ¼ miles, Max spd 8.5, Driving time 2hrs 35 minutes  It was one of those “feel good drives”!

Labor Day Update

September 7, 2009

west side new pen

The work for today has been completed under the watchful eyes of the donkeys from the back pastures.  Now it’s time for the inspection crew to move in and check it all out.

View from the front gate 9 07 09

Checking out the front gate, that one will remain the same.  Jim now has three gates to install in the pen making it even more versatile.

looking over new pen 9 07 09

Another view from the western front, Luc would like a look inside but with the posts set in wet concrete that isn’t going to happen today.  That’s our Labor Day Project, it’s still a work in progress but what a great start!  Donkey Approved!!

The Labor Day Project Part One

September 6, 2009

One of those things that have been discussed to death is removing several 20 foot custom built panels from an old fence line and using those panels and some extra gates to redo our donkey pen in the front pasture near the house.   

Since we had an extra day at home to play we decided this was a good time to execute the plan.  First thing to do was to take down what has been known as “feed jail”. 

It was a small pen used to separate team donk at beet pulp time, or if I want to do some work with one of the boys at liberty.  It has also served as a double pasture gate when I only wanted to take one out at a time and that was its original purpose.  As soon as Jim disassembled the pen the boys were there to investigate every square inch. 

no more feed jail 9 06 09

With the first 20 foot panel in place I could see Jim had a team of supervisors…. Every high powered job has to have supervisors, right? 

The Supervisors 9 06 09

A brief shower of rain and lunch time interrupted the project and gave Luc a chance to see if he could dismantle the tractor. 

tractor investigation 9 06 09

 Luc was working hard enough on it that he and Galahad found themselves locked out of the project.  Stay tuned as there is more to come your way on our little project!

Kamiah, a great place to live, work and play!

September 5, 2009

So nice to have the boys parade clean first thing in the morning.  Galahad had a few spots that Cowboy Magic, Green Spot Remover, Shower In A  Bottle took care of.  Even Luc got a couple of shots on his white face to spruce it up. 

neck rope

While enjoying breakfast they had a light shower of World Champion Pepi, Coat Conditioner.  After they had chowed down I sliped Galahad into his traveling blanket with the no rub patches stitched in making us all ready to load and go.  We were on the road by 7:30 giving us plenty of time.

We arrived in Kamiah, Idaho at 8:15 and immediately started to wipe off the coat conditioner with a rag to get any dust off then brush and harness.  Once the boys were ready it was my turn to change into parade duds, add the bells and floral bouquets, the lines and hitch.  This gave the boys and me a chance to go for a drive while Jim changed for the parade. It has been a couple of weeks since our last parade and the boys were rearing to go so it was nice to take the edge off them. 


We picked up Jim and headed to the parade route which meant crossing a narrow bridge that resulted into a pushing contest.  Galahad said there are some dark spots on my side and Luc said the edge of the bridge and water is on my side so leaning into each other they pushed and shoved until they made it across the bridge. 


We arrived just in time for the judges to get a good look at us and then it was an hour and a half very long wait for the parade to start under almost cool conditions with a few sprinkles of rain.  Hay bales showed up for people to sit on just ahead of us and Galahad decided he was hungry, no big boy that is not yours!  Baby strollers were coming up from behind them and motorcycles were coming to them.  Lots of activity all around making it hard for them to stand still.  Galahad discovered if he stepped up on the sidewalk he could be taller than Luc so he kept sneaking up to gain a height advantage.

 Finally it was parade time and the boys could move ever so slowly.  Just before we arrived at the main crowds a young man came over with a beautiful burgundy ribbon that matched our wagon and wanted to know where he could hang it.  That was neat as I had never received a ribbon at this parade before. 

 Kamiah parade

We really had a great parade.  The streets are wide enough to do 360 turns with the team and the announcer was wonderful.  There was a lot of interacting with the crowds and the boys were full of show off.

 sm parade photo

We were one of five, two were mule teams and two were horse teams.  The Belgian horses pulled a beautiful authentic stagecoach and are a great sight. 

Lewiston Roundup Stagecoach

There were about 90 entries and this has to be one of my local favorite parades.

Coming back over the bridge, after the parade, we were trotting behind one of the mule teams and the guys didn’t even have time to think about pushing or shoving. 

Galahad took his time loading but that was okay he always loads slower coming home and I wanted to give him plenty of opportunity to load with little pressure. 

We want to thank  Shirley for sending photos in time to get on the blog, thanks Shirley!  Of course thanks to the parade committee for the beautiful ribbon from the 73rd Annual Free Kamiah Barbecue Days Labor Day Parade,  under the theme;  A Great Place to Live, Work and Play.

Oh and Happy Birthday to OK Sir Galahad who turned five years old today!