Galahad’s first official ride

Today was Galahad’s first official ride.  We’ve been working on some bending exercises from the ground sometimes without even a halter just to prove he can really crank his head around for a piece of watermelon rind.  I then slip the rope halter on and we continue to work on it a little more.  Today I added a bridle with a Mylar combination bit and took the reins off the shank and put them on the mouthpiece ring.  Not sure I am going to use this bit on him as I am thinking of trying the Mikmar bit tomorrow. 

ground work

One of the easiest ways for him to bend is to put the rein around his butt on the opposite side from where you are standing and ask him to turn towards you.  He had no problem with this. 


We did a little work at the mounting block that included me lying over the saddle and banging the opposite stirrup against his side.  Since I was not getting a reaction I decided to sit in the saddle.  Jim led him as I just had a rope halter with a lead rope on him then we came back to the mounting block and I dismounted.  The cinch also needed tightened so I did not want to do much at that time. 

Galahad's First Ride #2 9 29 09 

Did a little more ground work and I led him back to the mounting block and remounted.  We rode out just a little ways this time without assistance; again I did not want to ask too much.  Will do this again tomorrow and ask a little more to build his confidence.  It was a great first ride and it felt wonderful to finally get on OK Sir Galahad.

Galahad's First Ride 9 29 09



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