More Parade Pictures

Here are photos taken by Robert, my donkey trainer helper, of us actually in the parade.

In the parade 8 22 09 #3

In the parade 8 22 09

Parade faces

Thank you, Robert!


2 Responses to “More Parade Pictures”

  1. Lori Radke Says:

    Ah….such fun! Love those pink roses! Was wondering what you guys have been up to. Very nice to get an update!

    Did my e-mail go through regarding how to ground drive my mini-donk?

    Lori (Still melting in Texas)

  2. teamdonk Says:

    Glad you enjoyed our all dressed up photos! Sorry to hear you are still over heated in Texas, we did not get the extreme hot summer winds here this year and I didn’t miss them at all. Did not receive your e-mail will have to send it to me again… sounds like a fun project, ground driving a mini donk… please resend… we could post it here also if you like!
    Thanks Lori,
    Kristi and the boys

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