Foo-Foo Flowers and Bells

team & our trailer 8 22 09
After a three week layoff for the boys and two full days of cleaning and polishing for me it was time to hit the parade route once again.  The 2009 Idaho County Fair Parade held in Cottonwood, Idaho was our destination point.  It was a much larger parade with a real band, noisy fire trucks, lots of floats and lots of folks. 
The one thing that was really mind boggling for Galahad was a sorrel mini jennet and her matching baby.  He just lost it right then and there! Other than that he was busy taking in all the sites, sounds and smells his four year old head could handle.  Why he even brought home his first ribbon!
Here are just some of the photos taken before the parade by hubby Jim who did a wonderful job with camera and being my right hand man.   Can’t do a parade without him, thanks Jim!
Before the parade #1
bending in the grass #2 8 22 09
From behind
 Now follow us as we head to the parade…..

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