Harvest and Fall Field Work

This had to be the wettest harvest in twenty years.  Over four inches of rain fell turning #1 Grade A wheat into livestock feed.  
I know it was the longest harvest in our history of farming.  Harvest began August 4th with an award winning load of soft white wheat trucked into the warehouse.  August 21st the final load of sprouted wheat was hauled off the farm with over four inches of rain falling in between. Normally this is what harvest looks like as the combines move thru the fields…  
Combining #11 2006 
As you can see these two are totally unaffected by the fall field work.  Galahad has made it through his first harvest season on the prairie and is getting quite use to all the machinery moving in and out of his life. 
Fall Farm work
Time to plant and look forward to a drier 2010 harvest.


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