One Hundred Hours

It is official and listed among the records at 

RMS Lippyluver Luc and OK Sir Galahad have logged in one hundred hours of extremely pleasurable driving time in 2009.  The boys started late May and completed the challenge the first of August in 44 drives totaling 235 miles.    If you go to the site and scroll down to our listing you will notice that the record reads 200 plus hours.  Those first one hundred hours of driving time were mainly due to Luc.   Some of that time was also credited to Blue Mountain Endeavor and Mas Ass Acres Liberty.   As far as I know these are the first donkeys to officially reach this lofty goal on this driving internet site… yea we’re keeping up with the minis, ponies, horses, mules and the drafts.  Go donks!   

Teamdonk will be taking a little RnR time off so look for our next update after Aug 22nd when we report on our local fair parade.  Just don’t forget to check back as Galahad begins his riding career!


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