Deer Induced Trot Away

Just as we were heading down the driveway, the strangest thing happened… now is it just me or do strange things happen to everyone everywhere???  As we started down the lane I observed a deer running across the field, then she leaped over the fence and into the donkey pasture and continue running towards us.  Galahad saw her also and went into a deer induced trot away.  I had a good hold of him but let him continue making tracts down the road and away from his love starved doe friend.  Mostly I find deer will run the other way especially when you are yelling at them… what was the deal with her running towards us… like, ‘Hey there boys wait for me, I love you’!

at dawn

The rest of our drive was pretty uneventful.  We played again with the big square bales and had basically a quiet drive; Luc was in a Zen like mood doing his best to calm the deer crazed youngster.   Even coming back up the lane Galahad was busy looking for his deer friend.  Tomorrow boys… enjoy your day off… unless????


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