Square Bale Driving gives new meaning to the word fun!

It’s been one of those immensely insane busy summer days.  It started off before dawn with deer just outside my computer window to the world, in the wheat field next to the house and all around the apple trees in the yard.  Then just as breakfast was arriving for Luc and Galahad we had deer exiting the yard next to the donkey pasture.  Poor boys, they didn’t know where deer were going to pop up next!

 What a fun drive we had this morning.  The weather stayed cool compliments of a cloud cover and a sweet air moving breeze.  Luc was wound up like a top, having three coveys of quail exploding under his feet didn’t help either one of us. 

The good news is that the oat hay was put into enormous square bales weighing around 1100 pounds per bale. We headed right to the field and made circles around the bales weaving in and out, whooping and hollering… just having the time of my life.  A pair of cyclists and their dog Molly thought we looked and sounded pretty silly, can’t imagine why!  If one can’t have fun in one’s own field where can one whoop and hollar when the mood strikes? 

 On our way home we drove back to the field and played the entire length, meanwhile a combine and header was coming down the road we normally would have been driving on.  First combine I’ve seen on the road this year.  We had a cultivator with the arms up in the air pulled by a full sized tractor with dually wheels come up behind us but he pulled off into a field.  Great as there wasn’t enough room for him to go by us and no place for us to pull over.  Ahhhh two escapes that was probably my quota for the day!

 We did encounter a jogger pushing a three wheeler baby carriage, another jogger and a cyclist who would not slow down coming directly towards Galahad who did not like the looks of any of them, but he survived!  We also had two different pastures of yearling cows come running to the fence to see us; I think everyone was feeling their oats in the coolness. 

 The boy’s watching the elk picture from yesterday morning was on the photo contest today at www.equusite.com  Thank you one and all who voted for them.

 We made eight miles of cart tracks in three hours, not bad for a couple of donkey boys.


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