Elk at dawn

 It should have been a perfectly wonderful day to go for an early morning drive with the donkey boys.  The temperatures are going to heat up and this morning looked to stay cool enough for about a three hour drive.  The wheat harvest on some parts of the prairie has begun so my time is quickly running out to drive the gravel roads before the combines and grain trucks are out in full force. I’m now within 10 hours of driving 100 hours this season and have logged 207 miles.  Oh how I hated to miss out on this morning’s drive but it just wasn’t to be. 
I guess this story needs to start last night after sunset.  Outside our barn cats were fighting, the neighbors dogs were barking, coyotes were howling and the donkey boys were blowing and snorting up by the house.  We figured it was just a noisy start to the night. 
 Elk at dawn #2 7 30 09
This morning at dawn here is what we saw.  Took an early morning walk and found the source of last night’s blowing and snorting.  It seems we had elk in our driveway and not to far from the house either!  I even found baby elk prints.  Ahhh
Elk at dawn 7 30 09
It’s going to take some time for the boys to settle down as of right now they are in full blown Guard Donkey Mode!  Even breakfast was not at the top of their list of important things to conquer today.  As of right now they are hiding in the far back pasture and are still pretty jumpy.
Hopefully we’ll go driving tomorrow, looks like they get a day off today to just be donkeys and think about guarding their domain from the local elk herd.  Looks like the wolves are chasing the elk out of their natural habitat!  Sure plays heck with my driving.  Maybe I’d better go driving in the mountains if they are all moving to the prairie….

 Donkey's Elk Watching at dawn 7 30

Later on this afternoon Luc is still looking for the dozen or so elk… he has Galahad searching towards the east and south while he looks north and west.  Galahad on the other hand thinks sniffing for them may not be a bad idea either!

Don't smell 'em Luc!  7 30 09



2 Responses to “Elk at dawn”

  1. carson Says:

    How did I not know you started a blog? Found it today via equusite. Reading your driving posts will be great inspiration. George and Alan have got the ground driving thing down, and I think it might be time to go cart and harness shopping.

    • teamdonk Says:

      WhooHoo!!! so glad you found us! For anyone who has not checked out Linda’s Blog go there now!
      http://www.the7msnranch.com and then come back to check on teamdonk! Linda welcome hope you’ll check in often… your blog is an all time Teamdonk favorite!

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