When Regal Gold meets Royal Blue

The golden wheat fields across the horizon now touch the crisp sapphire skies, giving one the feeling of being amongst royalty!  I saw my first combine in a field today and we were passed by a 30 foot combine header going off to work somewhere soon.  We drove by a field that looked ready to cut on one end but a good week away on the other side.  The wheat is so tall now that Galahad really has to crank his head up to see over especially on the hill sides.  Fortunately for us most of the wheat is still a ways off from being ready to harvest.

 We are not running out of firsts.  We had a pair of cyclists this time with a Springer Spaniel that would have liked to come after the donkeys but the owner him leashed.  That was a real good one for the boys.  We had a person out walking, again an excellent opportunity and we stopped to visit with everyone.  We flushed a doe and fawn out of our turn around spot.  Other than that it was a pretty uneventful drive. I watched a hawk making lazy circles in the heavens catching thermos and enjoying the ride.

 We drove seven miles this morning and took a leisurely three hours to do it in.  207 miles and 89 ½ hours, life is good.


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