Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ keep those wheels a rollin’, Rawhide!

 The pinnacle of donkey driving success was reached today as Teamdonk scored 200 miles of driving.  This was Galahad’s 36th hitched drive and Luc’s 39th drive for the season.  I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful team to go for recreational drives with.  I’m also glad I made the decision to just stay home this year and enjoy driving.  No shows, no fairs and just some local fun parades and miles and miles of prairie driving under constant scenery changes.

 Now let me tell you what we did today after we had a terrific road drive.  I have always wanted to drive in our neighbor’s harvested bluegrass field.  For one thing there are plenty of draws and hills to play on and some great flat areas to work on “Field Dressage Driving” and this is a very large tract of ground.  What I didn’t know was how smooth or rough it would be to drive in.  The tops of the hills are smooth as a baby’s butt perfect for circles and figure eights; going thru some of the draws I discovered today can be a challenge, which adds to the fun.  This is going to make a great place to play while harvest is in progress and the roads are to busy to drive on.  It’s close to our farm and I should be able to drive thru our fields to access it.  Just for fun I did drive in one of our hay fields and found it terribly bumpy, I liked the bluegrass field much better. Fortunately our drive ended before the storm clouds moved in and the winds kicked up. 

 I am driving the team to a Pacific Carriage two wheeled Show Cart with a team pole, I love it and so do they! 

Time to pop the cork and celebrate the Donkey Boys and their superb achievement!


2 Responses to “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ keep those wheels a rollin’, Rawhide!”

  1. Marla Says:

    So glad you are getting miles on the boys. I think you need to wright a book about your adventures!

  2. teamdonk Says:

    Thanks Marla! I’m thinking the blog is more fun and less stress…alot like driving donkeys! Hope you’re getting some miles in on your crew. Kristi

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