Life is Simple; Eat, Sleep and Drive Donkeys

After a weekend off we had a pretty nice uneventful drive.  We were passed by a bicycle coming downhill at us, which was a first.  The boys were stopped and it happened on the hill coming out of Day Canyon, they had very little reaction.  Was out for 2 hours and 15 minutes and we traveled a little over 6 miles.  We did a jog trot and that bumped our speed up to 6.14 mph.  We only had 11 minutes of stopping this morning.   For July the temperatures could not have been more perfect, mid 60’s and 70’s with a slight breeze with lots of bright sunshine.

 Over the weekend I recalculated our total time so with today’s trip we are at 84 hours and 194.5 total miles.

Galahad had another saddling session when we unharnessed; this will become a daily occurrence.  I threw the saddle up on Luc and Galahad was pretty much beside himself over it.  Checked the cinch sizes on Luc and then switched the saddle to Galahad.  Saddling was easier today than yesterday as was our walk.  We went past the driveway, to the west field entrance and again I proceeded to slap the saddle and moved the stirrups around.  Galahad finally settled down and when he did I took the pressure off and we came home.  Did some mailbox work on the way and all was good!



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