Deer are our friends

Took the Robert’s Buggy out today, it was the first time I have hitched it by myself and found it easy to handle, it weights 445 lbs.  The Pacific Cart weighs in at 200 lbs.  On these steep hills I am ready to go back to the cart, what a difference that extra 245 pounds made during today’s drive.  It’s back to the lightweight cart for me and the boys!

 On our drive today we picked up a passenger, our neighbor Judy who has been trying to get her schedule to jive with mine.  Today was our day! 

Interesting thing happened when the donkey boys were turned loose in the pasture.  A pretty doe came walking right up the lane and up to the fence to see the boys.  They obliged and walked over to see her.  We had deer and donkeys communicating for about ten minutes before she slowly wandered off into the yard. 


looking for apples 8 02

 All the time Judy and I were visiting and watching this unusual threesome.  The deer was comfortable as were the boys.  No stomping or blowing it was just a let’s all be friends moment.  I was about blown away!

 It was our 34th drive giving us 83.5 total driving hours 188.5 miles at 4 miles per hour.



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