Bicycles to Semis

The Pacific Show Cart with the team pole is retiring today, it’s now washed and ready to slide into storage.  There are just too many harvested fields that are begging to be driven in.  Will have to make calls and get permission but I’m thinking it is rubber tire buggy time. 

 Galahad had a strange moment in today drive and I’ll be telling you about it later.  We had a couple of Firsts today, right at the beginning of our trip.  Coming down Day Canyon and looking across to the far road I could see something was on its way towards us.  It took a few minutes for me to figure out what it was and wonder what kind of a reaction I was going to get.  The boys finally spotted it and were very intrigued.  We were able to get into a pull out as they got closer.  Once the boys could hear human voices they began to settle.  We’ve seen these folks before and yesterday one of them was just ahead of us and turned before we met up.  Timing was perfect for the boys to see their first bicycle riders.  We had a great visit and of course they had lots of questions about the donkey boys.  We have driven past their place but it was the first time Joe had seen our donkey team setup. 

Before we encountered them Galahad was tossing his head in the air so I knew something was not right but was unable to see the front of him to figure out what was going on.  Coming out of Day Canyon the boys have a favorite stopping place.  This morning it was full of cattle but neither donkeys nor the cow calf pairs seemed to mind, we were all separated by a fence line.  As I was pulling into the spot I could see what was upsetting Galahad.  His headstall was not buckled up tight.  We pulled into the resting area and for the first time ever without a helper, I exited the cart.  They were fine and stood quietly while I made the repair, got back in and rested before we were ready to go.

On the way back from our five plus mile loop we got in on some round bales being loaded onto a trailer and stacked three high onto a semi trailer.  The corner where we make the turn for home was pretty congested with a diesel pickup, a four wheeler with a sprayer and a smaller pickup load of boys backing towards us.  We all arrived at the corner at the same time, a prairie Grand Central Station! 

 Coming home is where Galahad decided to do something very strange.  As we were about to pass our hay field he decided he wanted to go into the field, I couldn’t see any harm in it and was wondering what he was up to so let him go.  He went straight to where one of the round bales had been made a big loop and headed back up the hill and onto the road.  That was interesting! 

 It has been awhile since we had driven past our lane and even though the sun was warm the air was still on the cool side so I made the decision to drive on down the road.  Glad I did as the semi load of round bales stacked three high came flying past us as we sat in the turn around pull out.  It made Galahad flinch but that was about it.  We turned around and pulled into the next pull out spot where we got dusted once more by another semi again coming up behind us going to pick up bluegrass seed from the same field they were hauling hay out of.  It seems semi trucks can not be bothered to slow down on these narrow gravel roads.  It’s starting to get busy around here as I notice this afternoon trucks are flying up and down our road. 

 Stats: 53 degrees earlier this morning and 75 degrees by 10 am and cloudy.  5.37 miles, 4.0 max speed at a walk 2 hrs and 30 minutes.  Totals: 81.5 driving hours, 183.5 miles on our 33rd drive.  No change in Luc’s hoof wall.  Frank is coming soon to take a look at it and he liked my idea that I still have not told you about!


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