Heating Up!

Earliest hitch to date, I think we were going down the road at 6:30 this morning, temperature was in the forties and it felt wonderful.  The boys were even feeling it!  This was an all walking drive with Luc staying in the softer ground in the ditch and off the gravel for the most part due to his hind hoof wall…see yesterday’s post and photo.  The hoof was no worse after the trip than when we started I am happy to report.   I also came up with a theory to fix it.  I will see if it flies with the farrier before I let you in on it.

Did a six mile loop; maximum speed at a walk was 4.7 mph, had to be on the way home as Galahad was really moving out.  We were out driving for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  At 9 am the temp was 75, was glad to be home and unharnessed. We had one nice long visit with a neighbor.  At 90 degree temperatures the crops are turning fast, looks like the next ten days will be hot ones.

I’m thinking that I need to switch vehicles to the Robert’s buggy so we can enjoy some of the hay fields to go driving in, Luc thought he would like that too!  We could take some cones and have a real playground.


One Response to “Heating Up!”

  1. Beaver Creek Mule Co Says:

    Enjoy your blog, we have mainly mules and paints
    but also one spotted jenny donk that my grandson
    rides and enjoyes.


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