The more you know…..

The more you know, the more you know that you don’t know and the more you know you have to learn…..  I’m just throwing that out there because I thought it not only sounded kewell but is ever so true!

 July is like a roaring range bull around here, sometimes you just want to get outta his way and go hide.  I thought this morning I was going to have plenty of time before it got hot as it was only 43 degrees so I drug my heels and didn’t get out to the guys as soon as Luc thought I should.  We were tacked up and going down the road by 8:15, that’s only an hour later than normal.  It sure made a difference temperature wise.  Today we drove to a construction site. It’s a lovely home being built just a mile from where I have been employed for the last twelve years on the outskirts of town.  As we got closer I could see one of the company work trucks so thought I’d go say hi to whoever was doing the job.  This drive turned out to be a grand idea as finding a daily challenge is getting tougher as the donkey boys continue to get better and better. 

On our way home we ran over two cans hidden in the ditch with the cart wheel and a six foot spook was all I could muster out of that last crunching incident. 

Galahad and I saw lots of deer; I think Luc missed about half of them.  Looking closely into the fields all you see this time of the year is their heads peaking out of the crops.  But once they start running its fun to watch them jump at each step.  Galahad was intrigued with four foot by eight foot square bales in a field and today’s round bales were neatly wrapped, he was fine with both varieties.    

It’s now time to catch you up on some totals.  Today was their 31st drive.  We were out for 2 hrs and 45 minutes with 15 minutes of resting time.  We had an 8 mile trip and our maximum speed was 8.6 mph.  Grand totals put us at 172 miles at about 76.5 hours.

Here are today’s photos…. This three year old donkey had a dental problem that caused his nose to swell; today he had a tooth cap removed. 

Merlin nose

This is Luc’s hind hoof , looks like it is breaking down along the weakened ridge line, am waiting to hear from the farrier on what to do. 

Luc's hind hoof 7 20 09


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