Galahad’s First Parade

You heard Luc and I were tortured by the Kingma’s yesterday.. we’re donkeys so we’ll let by gones be by gones.  Yeah it’s me OK Sir Galahad again… mom sez she is just too pooped to tell the story so I guess it is once again up to me.  Here she goes….

Breakfast came early but that’s okay it probably means we’re going driving today.  Okay so I forgot it is parade day and Luc and I were not supposed to roll.  Fooled you… he he we rolled!  Mom got out the double brushes and the dirt slid right off, no bath for the donkey boys on parade day! Whew, dodged that bullet!   Then she did a really strange thing and brought out a blanket… okay so she called it a traveling sheet.  It’s for donkey boys who push against the back of the trailer and rub their butts off.  It is heavily padded in the back end and really big for me but she said, “I had to wear it for my own good!”  I hopped into the trailer and then Luc jumped in cause he thinks I can’t ever leave home without him… it’s a team thing I guess.  Immediately I squatted and leaned on him with all my power.  He was having none of that and made me back into the corner.  We danced around the trailer for about ten minutes until we each had our very own traveling spots. But it was all worth it.  The ride took us about an hour; Jim is a slow and careful driver and I like that.  We journeyed to the little mountain village of Clearwater, Idaho just as pretty as the name implies.  We went up and down mountains and along side of a fast moving river and it was really something to behold.  After a trip down a gravel road we reached our destination.  I guess ‘cause I’d never been there before and all I could see at first was pine trees and loose cattle wandering down the road.  Guess they were going to the parade thingy too. 

 First Parade 7 18 09

Got my robe off and there was more brushing, a spray to polish my coat and then a towel to rub me clean.  Man did I ever smell good, that’s after shave good!  Then came the harness and more rubbing on the harness… we’ve never done this before! Dad even put the bells on us so I guess this is pretty serious stuff this parading.  Then the buggy got a rub down but it didn’t smell as good as Luc and I did.  Finally we were hitched and I just wanted to go see the country side…maybe even chase cows in the buggy that would be a kick.  But mom wanted us to go the other direction.  On the way there was lots of stopping and visiting.  There were people with little ponies, people riding horses with flags, and teams…can you believe it but Luc and I are not the only team in the world?  What a shock to me.  There were mule teams and a mule single… I was about blown away with all the wagons and buggies.  Mom sez this is a parade has a lot of history behind it.  So here’s mom to tell you the story.

When gold was discovered in 1861, an influx of prospectors made their way to the gold fields in Newsome, Elk City, Buffalo Hump and Thunder Mountain regions via the old South Nez Perce Indian Trail.  In 1895 a road from Clearwater to Elk City was completed for the convenience of freight and mail.  I’ve been told that salon girls traveled from camp to camp using this road and they were ever bit as popular as the mail was!  By the turn of the century, a number of way stations and stopping houses were established to accommodate the freighters, passengers and stock animals.  The most prominent stations were Clearwater, Switchback, Corral Hill, Mountain House, Newsome, Mud Springs and finally Elk City.  Now back to Galahad’s tale.

All Dressed Up

What this finally boiled down to is a whole lot of waiting around while mom talks to the other teamsters and we boys have to stand while all sorts of stuff comes and goes all around us.

I’d rather been out doing some serious driving to tell you the truth.  But finally we get to go down Main Street and hear the announcer talk all about us.  Luc likes hearing his name and the people clapping for him.  Me.. I thought it was okay, I did hold my ears real pretty as it seems everyone had a camera.  We traveled out of town a ways and then got to drive into a big field with lots of trees and a nasty looking bog.  It was kinda neat there one girl had a runaway on her horse and a lady got bucked off.  Now I’ve never seen a horse buck and according to the folks this horse bucked real hard and the lady went off landing flat on her back.  After a while she got up and by then we really needed to go.  Made another trip thru town and that was about it.  Whole lot of to do about a little ole drive.  Probably took us a couple of hours to go about two miles. 

It was my first parade guess it’ll happen again according to Lucers.  Mom sez we were good donkey boys and get the rest of the day to stand in the pasture shelter and think about life in the fast lane!

Galahad's First Parade 7 18 09


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  1. Oris Says:

    I really enjoy your writing about all you are doing.

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