You’re doing WHAT to us? No Way!

“All I’ve been hearing is parade this and parade that for the last month!” Hi, it’s Galahad again and since I want the facts straight I’m going to tell you my version of the story.  First off no one mentioned the fact that bathing is involved.  Figured when I moved here that part of my life would be over… real donkey men don’t take baths… unless it dirt baths and I take mine regularly.  Mom was not so easily sold on the idea.  Luc got pretty nervous when he saw her out washing the buggy and then the harness so he hid out all day from her.  I figured we were safe as it had been hours since she had bathed anything, maybe she was out of the mood.  OK so I was wrong…really and truly wrong.  Here’s how it came down…

We got called to supper and it was a special one with cooked flax… I really love the flax and always lick my bucket clean.  After dinner Luc and I were standing around swatting flies when she shows up with halters.  Luc got it first then she came after me.  When I saw what was coming outta that hose I got pretty concerned.  Once Luc was done I knew it was all over but the shouting.  Mom hosed and soaped me down then rinsed off Luc.  I really thought I was out of the woods when Dad took over with the hose.  ‘Cause you know one guy wouldn’t do this kind of torture to another guy….or so I was hoping. 

 Galahad Gets A Bath #1

Whatta mean spraying me up there… now quit it!

Getting every little spot 7 17 09

Come on buddy, give me a break.. but hey it does feel good, it’s been really hot today and it did made the flies go away!

A little to the right please

All right  Jim enough is really enough… but then again I’m really kinda likin’ it..don’t tell Luc OK, it’s our secret!

Needless to say we were squeaky clean by the time the dynamite cleaning duo was done with us.  We’re standing around drying and a movement caught my eye.  Oh no…we’re tied up and dang it they are heading right for us… Luc, buddy…what we gonna do…do ya see them?  Now Luc was not liking this any more than I was but we lost our advantage point because they went behind a hill.  Ya know any second this doe and her fawn could sneak up and attack from the rear.  It was a terrible dilemma. 

Finally they came, untied us and lead us to the back pasture where there are just no real good roll spots and there they set us free.  Mom kept telling Luc, “No rolling and it is your job to keep the boy clean.”  Hey what boy… I’m a man and I’ll roll if I want to… and Luc too… but first where did those pesky deer run off to?


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