July spews of Glorious Colors and Breathtaking Vista’s

It is an exceptionally lovely time of the year to show off the rolling terrain on the Camas Prairie in North Central Idaho.  The richness of the area brags of over 100 years of cultivation that creates a yearly patchwork of spring and fall soft white and hard red wheat crops including oats and canola. Much of the Bluegrass seed that is highly prized for your lush green lawns is harvested right here.  This region borders 5.5 million acres of wilderness that Lewis and Clark once traveled through.  The spectacular Bitterroot Mountains are close enough to make the Camas Prairie truly a diverse recreational area.  Come along for today’s photo tour of some of my favorite July driving scenes.

July colors and round bale

What a great example of the color contrast between the hay field, the greenness of the spring oats and the fall wheat.  Yep that is what July is like.


Road Sign Day & Longhaul. closeup JPGThe roads all jog around the fields sometimes creating some creativity in what happened to the road you were  just on and where to find it again!

Wheat July 17, 09

Truly this is the heart and soul of this agricultural area …it’s winter soft white wheat crop as it begins to mature.

Looking across the Prairie #2

I never tire of this scene as we head to the back to the ranch.  Hope you enjoyed our photo tour.


2 Responses to “July spews of Glorious Colors and Breathtaking Vista’s”

  1. Oris Says:

    Great pictures!

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