Those Killer Round Bales

July 16th  29th drive.  Early to bed, early to rise gets one home before you fry!

Our hay went down this week and was put into round bales last night.  You would think Galahad had never in his life seen a round bale.  Maybe he forgot about last winter spending quality time in front of one.  It was pretty scarie stuff… an entire field full of those terrible critters.  Luc and I had to take him down and introduce him to round bales in the field on our way out to drive.  I didn’t want to take a whole lot of time with this and figured we would drive around a couple of bales and all would be okay which it was. This is the trek where we can really get out and practice some serious trotting it was fun to get them moving out stretching their legs in the coolness of the early morning.

Galahad’s harness adjustments worked wonderfully from yesterdays refitting session.  I could see a couple a things to tweak on when I get him back to the hitching rail  but was pleased with what I had done.  At 8:45 am I made the decision to head towards home base, the sun was trying to bake my skin and I didn’t want this to turn into a non fun experience.  Besides that we had a great drive and now it was time to find some shade. 

We headed home past the hay ground and low and behold Galahad decided he was not…absolutely NOT going past those field monsters he had never in his life seen before.  He backed up and tried to whirl and run for it.  Luc was assuring him that all was okay and home was just over the next rise… “Please Galahad… don’t get stupid on us… can’t you hear mom saying that it is okay and giving us the walk on command?  Now come on Galahad… let’s go home!”  Galahad made it past those killer round bales, thanks to Luc, and then we headed into the field and straight to the bales.  Drove him right up to the first one and let him take a sniff of that sweet freshly baled hay aroma.  Drove him up to the second one and Galahad took a bite… normally that is a no no but sometimes a guy has to eat his fear to make sure he remembers it!  Drove to the next bale to let Luc get a whiff and he drank in the smell… was not interested in a bite just wanted to enjoy the moment.  We drove to every hay bale in the field until Galahad’s right brain made a connection to his left brain… or the going out and coming home brains were in sink.  Geezzee… donkey kids, gotta luv ‘em!

 Round Bale

To finish out Galahad’s day I extended the back straps more and took up the hip straps for a better fit.  He did have to have one more lesson and that was the metal tape measure with a retracting tape into the holder, he was thinking that was pretty scarie.  Yeah pretty big bad and scarie all right.  I sat in front of Galahad with a bucket of treats pulling the tape out and letting it retract over and over while Luc was enjoying treats.  Finally Galahad figured out that either he could be stupid about the measuring tape or he could give up and get treats finally his head dropped and ever so politely he asked if he could please have a treat… game over… Treats Win!


4 Responses to “Those Killer Round Bales”

  1. Oris Says:

    I’m not crazy aabout those round blaes myself. They were kinda hard for my wife to load on the wagon by herslef. She found it hard to pitch them to the top of the load. LOL.

  2. Oris Says:

    that is a new way to spel “bales”

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