It’s finally summer!

28th Drive July 15th The deep greens of the fall wheat fields are quickly fading into yellow with a lighter greenish hew.  It makes me sad as I know when harvest begins the driving ends until fall work is done and our quiet country roads become less busy with heavy equipment.  The spring wheat fields remain a brilliant green so they are a good month behind the fall crops that’s what makes harvest seem to go on forever.  But for now it is “Drive On” for another two or three weeks before harvest kicks into high gear.

North on Longhaul Road

I finally got around to switching the boys to opposite sides.  This puts Luc near the ditch and Galahad out on the road.  The change affected Galahad more than I thought it would.  At first he didn’t want to pull and kind of hung back until he could get a feel for everything.  Luc liked being closer to the ditch but it took Galahad a mile or two to really get into the swing of things.  Switching sides was good for them. 

Their hooves are amazing as they remain unshod.  Luc picks up more rocks as the crevices are deeper in his soles than Galahad’s and I am still using an ice pick to dislodge the embedded gravel.  Today neither one of them had picked up even a small stone.

Galahad was passed both directions and since he is closest to the traffic I was pleased that it just didn’t matter to him.  This may work better for both of them and me too.

I did make another work harness change.  Almost hate to tell you that I am still making changes but this is something that again has been bothering me.  Galahad’s britchin does not hang the same as Luc’s.  I have always like Luc’s since Steve Edward’s took time at a show to fix it for me and explain what he was doing.  The hip strap closest to the front needed to go up one notch.  The hip strap closer to me needed to go down one notch. The britchin should not go straight across the rump but be at a slight angle. Remember when you change one thing it effects something else.  This change brought the quarter straps up closer to the belly.  I did not change the length as they remained very close to Luc’s.  One more thing I lengthened the back straps which of course changed the britchin and everything else.  I changed the britchin straps back because now they hung too low and had to shorten the quarter straps.  Will it ever end?? Tomorrow will be our test.

Today’s stats:  A little over 7 miles, Maximum speed 8.7 mph, going from a working to a jog trot and back again.  Two hours and 32 minutes was our drive time with a total of 15 minutes of not moving, part of which was practicing docking with some great 90 degree gees and haws.  Still working on a little less forwardness during these manovers, but they are getting there.  Grand Totals 155 miles in 70 hours.


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