Faster Donkeys, Smaller Hills, More Time & NO Traffic

That’s Teamdonk’s version of Tom T Hall’s song “it’s faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money”… if you can remember back that far.

There were no passengers, no stopping to visit, just significant driving.  More miles, less time!  We were traveling.  None of that pansy flat stuff either, these were man sized hills, with nothing standing in our way.  Why we even wore the manure right off the cart tire… Galahad thought he needed to relieve himself while Luc and I were doing some momentous hill trekking.  

That’s not to say we didn’t have a couple of moments.  The first one came when a mature bird of prey… probably a hawk or an owl silently flew up beside Galahad as we were driving in a freshly mowed ditch along side of a wheat field with stocks 3 to 4 feet tall.  It was a spook in place, he jumped and froze.  I figured we probably broke something as much tension as he put on the harness but all was unscathed.  The stalks of this wheat field are so tall deer could hide in that stuff and we would never see them.  Since the high grasses along the roads have now been mowed it hides obstacles such as beer cans and assorted garbage people tend to throw out.  Galahad missed the can with his hooves but the cart wheel found it and we all heard it go….CRRRUNCH making Galahad jump again!  I was just thinking we had yet to experience the joys of running over a can, not so now.  Thank you people who toss your trash in my playground, looks like my next passenger is on can and worse yet beer bottle pick up duty.

Temperature reached 82 degrees under a buttermilk sky.  It was warm but not a drop of sweat on the boys even with extended trotting.  I was reading yesterday that driving ponies can do a 14 plus mph trot and eight miles in one hour, think of all they will miss going that speed … Now are you ready for the totals? Trip Odometer read 9 miles in 3 hours and 15 minutes. We had 15 minutes of stopping time and our maximum speed was 8.3 miles per hour.  Maybe not pony fast but not bad for two little donkey boys.  Grand Total 148 miles in 67 hours and 30 minutes.  


going downYep, smaller hills and NO traffic!


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