Driving as a Single in perfect form

looking towards Cottonwood Butte June 2009

Ahhhhhh life is GREAT!  Get up early, go driving with wonderful friends, seeing all sorts of critters, beautiful countryside and visit with folks driving by… arriving back home to sit down and write all about it.  My friend this is livin’!  Oh and I must mention what really makes it all so special are my wonderful driving donkey boys.  I couldn’t have all this fun without them… thank you guys!

To everyone who has written in favor of our little blog, thank you for the great reviews.  I can’t believe people actually read this entire dribble!  So while things are happening I’ll keep you up to date, how’s that?

Erin was here for today’s drive, just in case I ran into the same kind of problems I experienced yesterday.  I changed harness and used the one with the sliding back band saddle and the shaft holders that buckle into the belly band.  That solved all our problems!  Galahad had to do a little test of his own at the bottom of the driveway, if I hadn’t been paying attention I would have missed it.  He did a small lunge forward, yesterday that would have flipped the cart up, today it remained solid at his sides.  The sliding back band saddle took the side wards sway out of the gig that is known as “hunting”.  We had an exceptionally smooth trip with the balance set correctly and the shaft length just right for the traces.  Everything worked the way it was suppose to!  Galahad even acted like an ole’ trooper on his second trip out as a single act.  Yippee!!!  Bet ya can’t get this grin off my face for a very long time!

Today’s journey took us 8 miles up and down the gravel roadways.  Galahad made the trip in 2 hours 45 minutes and in all that time he only stopped for 15 minutes to catch his air on the steep hill climbs or when he wanted to just enjoy the view.  This boy is in tip top condition.  We arrived home without a drop of sweat anywhere on him. Temperature was 68 degrees when we returned to the hitching post.  His top speed was 8.1 mph, he did try a few loping steps today, just to see how it would feel…. felt pretty wonderful to us!  Still Smilin’..Kristi, Erin n’ Galahad 

The grand totals to date are… 139 miles in 62 hrs and 15 minutes.


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