Could have been a disaster!

Galahad on the Pacific Gig 7 9 09 first time

Finally got a drive in before the weather turned ugly.  Our weather has not been greatest since the 4thof July holiday which we celebrated as spectators rather than participants.  The first day of the parade Luc went into hiding and was not even coming out for dinner.  By the second day he was standing by the fence ready for a bath and by the fourth of July he was down right huggable… and that is NOT our Luc.  He stayed home and we enjoy the festivities but I have to say that he was missed at both the parades and the rodeo.  It’s Teamdonk next Fourth of July for sure!

It is unusually cool, in fact our hay is still standing uncut.  Hopefully we get it up soon.  The overnight low was 37 degrees by 1:30 pm it was 72 degrees and looked thunder stormy again.

This drive was too important to cancel.  Robert was here to help and it was to be Galahad’s first drive as a single.  We hitched him to the Pacific Gig with no problems.  It was the first hitch of the year to the Gig and I did find I needed to lengthen the shafts a couple of inches for Galahad.  That was not the worst of it.  I set the adjustment on the gig backwards.  It has a winding mechanism to change the balance and I got it to light.  The result was the shafts flipped up tripping the cart over backwards.  Still not the worst part….I had the wrong shaft holders on the work harness, they have no hold down.  When the shafts flipped up and came back down one side dropped over the hames and was hung up.  Robert jumped out and lifted the shaft off the hames setting it back down.  That was scarie!  Because of this we kept the drive short only going four miles.  We trotted, backed and docked, it was a little different for Galahad with shafts instead of a pole, and no Luc but he took it all in stride.  I was so proud of our all around good boy!  Time was 1 hour and 46 minutes.  Time moving was 1 hour and 20 minutes.   Maximum speed 7.9 miles, our slowest jog to date.  I will take some time before our next single drive to rebuild the single harness with the sliding back band saddle.  Now where did I put that extra set of traces… or was there ever an extra set of traces??

Galahad was absolutely wonderful on his first time out driving single.  There were things that spooked him but he always came back to me and was ever so forgiving.  What a wonderful boy.  Can’t wait for our next single drive!

New totals 131 miles and total driving time is up to 56.5 hrs Robert took some great photos!

Galahad drives single 7 9 09


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