Galahad’s 2nd trip to town

Gee over #1

Sunday Evening Hitched up at 6pm in town with bells on.  Our niece Kristin came with us and we drove the team up to Jim’s parents for a visit.  We did a one block drive on Main Street next to the curb downtown.   Then we drove Kristin home.  Kristin’s horse Skip saw the donkeys for the first time, Bill, another of her horses that has never liked the donkeys freaked but Pep was happy to see Luc again. Luc and Pep were raised together and remain the best of buddies.  We drove past the grade school and got a real good long trot in with the bells just a singing.  Went past Jim’s old house and had our first firecracker.  No big deal.  Even the long shadows did not bother Galahad like they did Luc… Luc did not like to see his shadow on the pavement going down the street with him.  Galahad and Luc did excellent.  There were horses at the arena and Galahad got a little worked up…so did they!  GPS Readings:  1.5 hours, Max Spd 8.4, 20 minutes of stopping time.  Over all Total Mileage 114.75, Total Time 50 hours 15 minutes They are ready for a small parade!  Here are more pictures from yesterday’s arena work out.

Gee Over #3


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