Galahad’s First Trip to Town

wearing bells 6 27 09

Saturday Afternoon was my first trip to town!  Hey it’s me telling the story today… my name is OK Sir Galahad and I’m a big time drivin’ donkey.  Mom sez, “Galahad, honey, you haven’t seem anything yet!” It was a strange morning, Dad hooked up to the horse trailer, and then he loaded my buggy.  Mom brought us donkey boys our food and later came back with halters but I was the only one lead out of feed jail.  Mom tied me to the trailer and I got to see how my buggy inside as the ramp was down. I was brushed down and then untied.  Mom sat down in the trailer doorway when I came up to her it was treat city for me!  I munched away until it was time for me to jump in, I even beat Luc into the trailer and that was a first. I had a tough time in the trailer and really pushed my buttocks into a corner of the divider gate while rocking back and forth but I was doing better by the time we got to town.  It was a whole new world when Luc and I hopped out of the trailer.  WOW I was amazed and impressed!  

 Three large flags at the National Guard Armory were flapping in the breeze and that caught my attention right off the bat.  Lots of extra noisy traffic roaring by, horses were in the arena, kids on bicycles, so much going on and I didn’t want to miss any of it.  I was great when it came to harnessing and hitching but those first few blocks were more difficult that any country road I’ve ever been on.  Why mom wanted me to go across white lines and then there were the infamous donkey eatin’ man hole covers… even Luc said no to them!  Luc did think I should get real close to garbage cans and kinda push me into them and also into the big black spots on the asphalt.  There was a traffic light, rodeo banners, a farmer’s market with white tents set up every where and all sorts of nonsense!  We stopped to visit a few times and that was okay, baby carriages, electric wheelchairs, lawn mowers, motorcycles, why I saw all sorts of neat stuff. 

When we arrived back at the trailer mom headed us into the rodeo arena.  Flags were flappin’ all over the place and Dad put bells on Luc.  Around the arena we walked then trotted and then… and then… Dad put bells on me!  On Me!!  Oh My… wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We practiced our gees and haws and a nice back up.  All together it was a great trip to the big city!  I loaded great and had a good trip home.  It was wonderful to get a cool drink then head to the pasture shelter to just think about life in the big city!  Trailer is still hooked to the pickup…. I wonder if that means……… do ya think we’re doin’ this again tomorrow? 

GPS Readings:  3.17 miles, maximum speed 9.6, 1 hour and 45 minutes driving time… 45 minutes was mom jackin’ her jaws at people while we stood patiently waiting for her to let us get going. Overall Total Mileage 111, Total Time 48 hours 17 minutes

From the top 6 27 09


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