Closer to Civilization,Their First Jogger

This drive was the first of the season heading north towards town.  Drove 8 miles in 3 hours with only 26 stopping minutes, maximum speed was 8.0 mph.  It was down right cold and windy, I was dressed for the sunshine so I froze.  We again had a lot of firsts on this drive.  They had to pass about 6 head of black faced ewes and lambs, a dog being held by kids, a horse and more cows.  Neither one of them were happy about this.  Going up the first big hill we had to pull over into the tall grass on a steep side hill to let a swather on a trailer go past us that took up the entire road.  At the top of the hill the boys could see something very strange coming down the road directly at them. As it got closer Luc was ready to take us on a run thru a wheat field.  I hollered at the guy and ask him to say something or quit running as he was scaring my team.  He slowed to a walk and passed us… it was their first jogger!  Scared the heck right out of them!  From there on out everything looked like a donkey eating monster to Galahad, posts with signs, markers for culverts, mail box made from old wheels, running horses and mules, it was tough drive for Galahad. That was the closest he had ever been to town and he did not like it one bit.  Oh, since the hames bells have become no longer scarie to Galahad I had them in the cart with me softly singing to us on the entire trip, he is getting closer to wearing bells.

A fella in a big U-Haul truck stopped and wanted to take our picture.  Turns out he is going to work for the wheelwright I use in Moscow, Idaho.  We had a great visit and he took lots of photos, what a small world. Trip ended in 108 total miles and 45.5 total driving hours.


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