Teamdonk Drives 100 Miles

Our 19th drive Trip Odometer 9.5 miles, Max speed 8.5, Total Time 3 hrs 50 minutes This one is special as it is our 100th mile drive!!  42.5 total hours We had a lot of firsts on this trip.  Drove south to Scholten Road and north to Day Road, continued north on Longhaul where we had a little “under control” run away that broke the whip in three places… that one is history!  We drove all the way to Reservation Line Road, that was a first for me.  That hill is nearly ½ mile long and very steep in places and I never driven down it.  Today I figured with the run away these boys had energy to burn and this piece of real estate would do it for me. We were passed by an unloaded semi and trailer roaring up the hill as we were going down, no problem.  The horses were whinnying to the team and there were lots of Wayne James cows to look over.  We came back up the hill no problem, the other side to the west is much longer and steeper some day we’ll have to come down it with brakes of course. Galahad did his first 360 degree GEE, full circle turn on the way home.  That was kewell! 

 On the return trip we saw a coyote, a doe and a big fat rock chuck all in Day Canyon.  This is the hill we climb out of  the canyon to return home.  It’s a quarter of a mile and steep….did I mention it is steep??!!

south side Day Rd 6 9 09

Drove past our place to check on the sheep and there were none today, picked up the mail from the cart, Galahad is getting better at this than Luc is.  Almost noon when we arrived at  home and it was a hot 74* was glad to get out of the sun. 



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