Sheep…. the new donkey eating monsters!

It was 33 degrees last night so I had to wait for it to warm up before going for a drive.  It was a warm 67* when we returned at 1:30, maybe it just felt warm because I was overdressed from the early morning cold.  Drove through Day Canyon and then continued north towards the next big canyon.  We turned around at the top of this canyon, it is steep and almost 1/2 mile long.  There are two places to make this turnaround both are very easy on the boys.  I like this drive as there are no dogs to contend with.  This road  is called Longhaul and I can access it from several locations.  At the crossroads we traveled east a quarter of a mile on Day Road which accesses Longhaul Road again.  That section of  Longhaul can either take us to town or by turning on Scholten Road we can go travel back home.  At the corner of Longhaul and Day roads we turned around and came back home through the west side of Day Canyon.  This entire route gives us an opportunity to do a lot of trotting.  I do let them stop to catch their breath; it’s also a great route to practiced docking as we can see traffic coming for a longer distance.

We drove past our driveway and headed towards the main highway.  Close by is a herd of sheep and today they were out in the pasture for the first time this year.  Luc freaked causing Galahad to become upset also.  I had to really talk them out of a runaway.   I did make they go to the neighbors driveway to turn around putting them closer to the monster woolies which scared the heck out of them. They were pretty upset even while they were being unharnessed as they were sure the sheep were sneaking up behind them to attack. 

GPS readings 8 miles, maximum speed 9.9 mph, total time 3 hr 15 minutes, stopping time was 1 hr 11 minutes.    Total time 38 hrs 45 minutes  on our 18th drive we have driven a total of 90 miles


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