Reshaped harness collars worked!

Tested out the resized collars today.  Luc’s was perfect and am now convinced that he was getting sore.  Galahad’s collar also was perfect and I was able to remove the collar pad as it now was the correct length.  I am so happy that I remembered that this can be done and how to do it.  Again the article is at  It was an easy fix to a long time problem. Here are Galahad’s photos of his newly shaped collar.

Galahad's collar & hand

Hames Fit

Did the 7 mi loop going down the east side of Day Canyon out to Stites Rd and back up the west side of Day Canyon then on past out place to turn around in the next field.  Did some extra docking and backing in some new spots.  Luc seemed better the bit guard made it so he could not get the sides of his bit or the lines in his mouth. 

After our drive we spent some time working with the hames bells.  I put them on Luc and on then on Galahad for just a minute and he freaked so took them off and held them in my hand while feeding treats out of the other.  He finally got brave enough to reach out and smell and touch them with his nose.  He was better when I quit.

It was much cooler today, with the clouds and breezy conditions after the recent rains.  The temperature was 68* when we got home, was in the 40’s when we left at 8 am. 

As soon as I have a helper need to put the bells on Luc and drive.  Galahad is also ready for a trip to town.

GPS: 7.35 miles, Max spd 8.0 Total time 3 hrs with 36 minutes of stopping time

TOTAL TIME 35.5 hours TOTAL MILAGE 82 miles


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