Spooking Deer and Reshaping Collars

The boys were at the gate at 6 am and ready to go once again. Drove yesterday’s route backwards and stopped at the bottom of each hill for a short back up.  Galahad remembered how to help me retrieve the paper from the box.  Yesterday’s lesson worked!

Luc was really having an extra naughty day.  He tried the entire drive to get the inside shank of his bit and the lines into his mouth, I’m going to fix that with a rubber bit guard!  At one time he had the center line piece upside down and pointed backwards. 

We did more trotting and I’ve finally got them starting together and going slower.  At the road to come home we spooked a deer in the spring canola field on the corner less than a hundred yards from us.  We sat and watched her as she bounced through three different fields until she disappeared over the hill towards our pond.  We then did a dock into a field that is not where we normally practice.  It was a little up hill back and the boys made it happen! 

Did a little more practice with the hames bells; Galahad definitely does not like them that needs to change! 

When I unharnessed I noticed how tight the sides of the collars were especially on Luc.  Took an extra 45 minutes and reshaped the collars.  Can’t wait to see how they work tomorrow, I did try one on Luc this afternoon and it was much shorter and wider, I’m hoping it will fit Galahad just right.  Galahad was having nothing to do with the collar and he told me so!   I added an inch to the sides of two different collars and an inch and a half to the sides of Luc’s collar. For reshaping information see the website at www.teamdonk.org there is an article written on how to do this.

7 miles (overall total of 74 3/4 miles), max speed 9 mph Galahad decided to lope a few steps, Total time 2 hrs 46 minutes making our overall total 32 1/2 hours of team driving!

I saved some comments from the Mammoth Donkey List on this post and if no one minds I will include them…

From the list Larry who also drives wrote: Like your wide open spaces. At least you don’t have to worry about a deer come bounding out of the woods next to the roadway like we do. I was walking one of the donkeys in the woods yesterday just to get use to the trees, logs and brush when we kicked up that little fawn I had a photo of a week or so ago. The donkey just stopped and watched it run off into the brush then we continued on. Larry

Even out here on the prairie we see deer, guess none of us are immuned!   The donkeys sure enjoyed watching her jump thru the fields; I imagine she has a baby somewhere close by.

Anita wrote: Beautiful country you have to drive in Kristi… I am so envious!  We have nothing but small, narrow, roads with little blind curves and hills. I’m almost afraid to go walking along them, let alone riding or driving Anita G. in IL

That would really make it rough.  I never complain about this prairie it is just perfect and I have miles and miles of driving roads around me. 

Ann wrote: Your average speed is picking up!  Do you always hitch the same donkey on the same side, or do you switch?  I so wish I could visit and go for a ride with you!!!  Ann I’m not sure we’re getting any quicker as my average moving time remain the same but what I am noticing is how relaxed Galahad is getting.  He can be pretty nervous and jumpy so this team thing has been great for him.  I do need to switch sides again.  I was told to do that on a regular basis.  Thanks for reminding me!  I think he will always go on the right as I do think he will be a little bigger and the larger one always goes on the right.  Yes, you need to come to Idaho!


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