Thirty hours of drive time!

The boys were at the gate and ready to go shortly after 6 am, now don’t tell me they are not enjoying this as much as I am.  I skipped breakfast just to accommodate them, how’s that for dedication?  At 7 am the temp was 46 degrees, at 10 am it was 65 degrees.  I took the team out on the cart today to give them a weight break, guess that’s why we made the seven mile trip in 2 hours and 45 minutes, what a sweet cool morning it was!  They even took one of the steeper hills that has no place for them to catch their air in one steady pull, just one step at a time.  We picked up the neighbor’s newspaper; Luc showed Galahad how to do this.  Hope he was paying attention because tomorrow it will be Galahad’s turn at the paper box.  We had lots of traffic today which is always welcome.  Since we were in the cart we did our first 180 degree fan both directions and lots of down the hills backing.  We performed the best dock to date, course it is easier in a two wheeled cart verses a short four wheeled vehicle.  Had some good long trotting sessions, working on a slow distance jog trot. I had to adjust Luc’s traces while in the cart with them pointed down hill I shortened each trace forward one notch.  Very dangerous but it needed done.  Both boys needs to rest so was a great time to do it. Later in the afternoon Galahad had his first hames bell training while loose in the pasture, it won’t be long before his is wearing a set of bells in a parade.  Or so I am hoping!  Just think tomorrow morning 15 minutes into our drive and we will have hit the 30 hour mark~ and as of this date we have driven 67 ¾ total miles!


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