The Lucky 13th Drive!

Before leaving I spent an hour working over Galahad’s harness with the tape measure and the hole punch.  Measured underneath both of the donkey’s bellies and set the quarter straps to the same hanging length.  That changed Galahad’s quarter and breast straps big time!  There was no slippage of the britchin at all during today’s drive and Galahad’s harness stayed straight the entire trip. 

Quarter Strap Fitting

 I also put another hole in the lower hames strap to tighten his hames into the collar better.  Galahad put his head down and really pulled well for the first time.  Normally his head has been up in the air, today it was down and level! 

GPS Readings:  6 miles, maximum speed 7.7 mph, driving time 2 hrs 32 minutes with 35 minutes of resting.  Drove the buggy from our place thru Day Canyon all the way to Stites Road and home.  It was our hilliest and longest drive to date.  Robert drove about 90% of the time, the boys had about a 20 foot spook just before the driveway initiated by Luc.  It was 70 degrees when we returned at 1:30 pm, but the clouds were rolling in and the cooler winds were kicking up.  The boys had another big spook when unhitching, don’t know what startled them either time.


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