The Robert’s Cross Country Buggy Debut

the 12th drive…. Cross Country buggy from the rear

Today was the first chance Robert, my helper, and I had to take the Robert’s Cross County Buggy out for a drive with Teamdonk.  It was easy to hitch, easy to drive and very comfortable.  It was their first drive with an evener on a four wheeled vehicle. 

After going towards the main highway for a test run we drove past our farm to the next corner and turned north giving them their first trip into Day Canyon.  I used the buggy brakes going down the hills to help them hold the heavier load back and also on the steep sides while they rested.  The boys dug in and really pushed into their collars to make the steep climb out of the bottom, this required some rather serious donkey power.  They did excellent, even had a rest on the bridge while catching some verses of the singing creek with the back up crooners, that be the frogs and crickets.  It was an amazing choir.

We saw deer floating across the canyon walls in leaps and bounds, Galahad had a rock chuck give him the “what for” with some mighty serious chirping, the hills were dotted with grazing Black Angus cattle and off in the distance were the breath taking views of towering mountains.  Temperature was a cool, comfortable sixty-six degrees; the day could not have been more perfect! 

The boys were coming off a four day rest due to thunderstorms, winds and very welcome rain. The recent rains have given the crops a perkier shade of green. 

Day Canyon has now been conquered by Teamdonk opening up a whole new world to the North of the farm. This journey was a nice come back drive for them.  Hopefully we’ll make it a little further tomorrow.  I told Galahad this is how all the big hunky donkeys like Luc build their muscles…. Galahad told me, “Let’s go again tomorrow….cause when I grow up I wanna be bigger ‘ n stronger than Luc, but don’t tell Lucers!” OK Sir Galahad…. we’ll go again tomorrow! 🙂

GPS Readings: 4.36 miles, Trotting speed 8.1 mph, Travel time 2 hours, 35 minutes of that was resting so we were not pushing it.  Total driving time 22 hours

Cross Country Buggy first hitch June 09


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